Heartfelt Giving will never email you or send you a link to go to one of its online stores. Remember… if you answer an email from an online vendor and follow that link back to their online store your purchases will not get any marketing commissions for your nonprofit….. even if it is one of our vendors. You must go to the Heartfelt Giving site of your nonprofit  first …… press the vendor’s link on the Heartfelt Giving site and then make the purchase to get those marketing commissions for your nonprofit. If you want to go to another Heartfelt Giving vendor…. return to your Heartfelt Giving nonprofit site…. select the vendor link…. and make another purchase. You must always go to the Heartfelt Giving site of your nonprofit and then press the vendor link  to take you to your online store…. and then make a purchase to credit your nonprofit with those marketing commissions.

 If you visit a vendor’s store in person (even if they are one of our online vendors) and make a purchase it does not count toward marketing commissions for your nonprofit. However, you can pick up your item that you purchased online thru a Heartfelt Giving site if you requested that you pick it up at your local vendor’s brick and mortar store.
If you call a vendor via phone and make a purchase over the phone (even if they are one of our vendors) your nonprofit does not receive their share of the gross marketing commissions from that purchase over the phone.
If you are using our online smart phones and android vendors such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon or US Cellular to purchase phones….please have the phones delivered to your home or place of business. You can always go the the brick and mortar site of the wireless vendor for them to assist you in downloading your old phones SIM card contents, photos and other data you want to transfer to your new phone. The telephone number of your old phone will be transferred already on the SIM card of your new phone when it is shipped to you if you requested the same number go the the new phone you purchased.  You can also take it in to the vendor’s brick and mortar store and they will install it there. Remember, they will answer all of your questions and assist you at the local store even if you purchased the wireless phone online.
Heartfelt Giving is a site directing you to online vendors and paying your nonprofit 51% of the gross marketing commissions generated by your purchases. If you have a problem with shipping, damaged goods, warranty issues, needing to cancel your trip, reschedule your trip or you want to return the item you purchased…..  you must go to the vendor you purchased your item, flight or vacation, etc., from. Go to the online vendor’s site and find the customer service department or toll free number to contact the company. Heartfelt Giving only directs you to the online vendor of your choice and pays the nonprofit on whose online site you pressed the vendor link on and made the purchase when you visited the vendor’s site.
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