About Us

Heartfelt Giving is a project that has been in creation and dear to us for several years.  We have a “heart for giving” and a “mission” to give back to nonprofit organizations in helping achieve their ministry goals.  Heartfelt Giving can provide you an income stream to support your nonprofit causes.

Through www.jacytv.com  your nonprofit organization gets your own website offering shopping and travel.  Your members, friends, family and others can use your website for all of their online shopping and travel purchases.  Through these purchases your nonprofit organization can increase revenue to support your cause.

Our mission and goal is to help your organization raise money.  How can we do this?

The first thing is to find a project that will motivate your members to change their habits to use your website for shopping and travel purchases.  The second is the easiest as your members are already doing it….online shopping and travel….but now your members, friends and family will be using your free website for shopping and travel purchases.  

51% of the gross marketing commissions generated by this site will be paid to your nonprofit…

It cost nothing to generate revenue to your nonprofit organization other than to share your new website through www.jacytv.com to everyone!  It is that simple!

Attn: Existing Heartfelt Giving Users

Don’t Panic. You are at the right place for Heartfelt Giving. We are updating of technology in order to make the shopping experience better for the organizations and for the users of Heartfelt giving.

Users of the website will now have to sign up for an account. We are doing this in order to provide a better shopping experience and more security for our website.

We want to thank you for continuing to grow with us. Please continue to spread the word about Heartfelt Giving to all your friends and family. They will thank you for helping them save money, while doing good at the same time, by helping organizations raise money.


Heartfelt Giving