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You are a Pastor, Youth Director, Church School Administrator, Foundation Director, nonprofit CEO or DCE wondering how to increase revenue for your organization. You are skeptical of some of the fund raising ideas out there. Selling overpriced candy or first aid kits just doesn’t seem to work or fit in your picture of fundraising. Not all of your members shop at the same stores that may use script that will give money back to your nonprofit. Heartfelt Giving has been helping nonprofits like yours to do two simple things. The first is to find a project that will motivate your members to change their habits. The second is the easiest one as your members are already doing it. That is to go online for their online shopping and travel needs. However, now your nonprofit organization has its own online shopping mall and travel center where members can shop. It’s that easy. If you can get your members to go online to your website created through HEARTFELT GIVING you will get that income revenue stream going. It costs nothing for the site. I repeat nothing…..all we ask is that you follow our successful marketing program and/or personalize the marketing plan to fit your nonprofit organization. You get the word out by newsletters, email and/or regular mail, bulletin inserts, social media, your nonprofit website with a link to your HEARTFELT GIVING website and brief announcements at your services, fundraisers and nonprofit/group events.
Your HEARTFELT GIVING website features over 1,000 brand name stores such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Target, Best Buy, AutoZone, JC Penney, Stein Mart, Guess, Walgreens, GNC, Barnes and Nobles, FTD, Office Depot, Staples, Office Warehouse and more.
Your travel center includes Travelocity, Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia, Orbitz,, Airline Watchdog, all the major cruise lines and 28 other travel related companies such as Best of Orlando, Sandals Resorts, FlipKey nationwide condo resort rentals and even Eurorail if you vacation in Europe.
Your HEARTFELT GIVING website has AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon cell phones and service contracts. The major computer makers such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo are also some of our online stores. Your website even offers Direct TV satellite service.
You go into your own HEARTFELT GIVING website, type in the store you want…or look under index categories for the stores listed…. and click on the store name you want. You are now leaving a cookie trail from your HEARTFELT GIVING website to the retailer’s website. If you purchase anything at that online site your nonprofit receives 51% of the commissions that HEARTFELT GIVING receives from the retailer for that transaction. This is the exact same website with the exact same prices as you have been using BEFORE YOU CHANGED YOUR ONLINE SHOPPING HABITS AND WENT TO YOUR NONPROFIT HEARTFELT GIVING WEBSITE FIRST. Any account you had there or shipping and financial information stored for credit card use is still there…because you are now back in the retailer’s online shopping website and not ours! HEARTFELT GIVING has enclosed just a few samples of what your member’s purchases can produce in a continuing income stream for your motivated project(s) that funds can be used for. The brand name stores and big box stores will return about 1.25%-4% and the travel center 1.5%-5% on travel related items. Airline tickets are a flat $2-$6 per ticket depending on domestic, international and what travel site you use. Purchase of a cell phone and two year service contract from any of the providers mentioned above will bring in $82 and for the cell phone only the amount is $41. Again, the prices are the same as if you purchased it at the vendor’s actual store or online site.
The average family should bring in about $102 on an annual basis. This is a conservative figure based on over 3 years of experience of online revenue for nonprofit organizations. It’s hard to believe but about 70%-75% of a nonprofit’s revenue comes from the travel center and the remaining 25%-30% comes from the 1,000+ stores. REMEMBER THIS IS YOUR NONPROFIT’S SPLIT IN THE FIGURES I QUOTED YOU ABOVE. It does not include any amount you will share with HEARTFELT GIVING.

Attn: Existing Heartfelt Giving Users

Don’t Panic. You are at the right place for Heartfelt Giving. We are updating of technology in order to make the shopping experience better for the organizations and for the users of Heartfelt giving.

Users of the website will now have to sign up for an account. We are doing this in order to provide a better shopping experience and more security for our website.

We want to thank you for continuing to grow with us. Please continue to spread the word about Heartfelt Giving to all your friends and family. They will thank you for helping them save money, while doing good at the same time, by helping organizations raise money.


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