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  • Write a small article about us in your monthly newsletter & promos. We can write the articles for your nonprofit or you can write them for your newsletter making sure your website and www.jacytv.com is mentioned and promoted on a monthly basis. Always be sure to show monthly financial revenue results earned from www.jacytv.com
  • Put handouts in your magazine or promo areas
  • List us on your nonprofit website along with our link – strongly recommend
  • Bulletin inserts once a month – strongly recommend
  • Promote holidays in your bulletins, promo materials and on your website: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day (we can provide promo holiday ads)
  • Promote www.jacytv.com for church flowers & flowers for special occasions & events…we have FTD,1-800-Flowers and more – strongly recommend
  • Purchase office supplies, computer supplies, etc. for your nonprofit organizations/schools, etc. from your website: (Office Depot, Staples, and more) – strongly recommend
  • Promote travel with your website (car rentals, hotels, flights, vacations & more) – strongly recommend (70% – 75% of your revenue will come from all travel related purchases)
  • Use a two sided business card to market your online shopping mall and travel center. The first side has your jacytv.com domain address which we will assign to you. Print below the domain address in bold letters …. FOR ALL OF YOUR ONLINE SHOPPING AND TRAVEL NEEDS…. Then print the name of your nonprofit with the city and state of your location.On the other side of the business card, print in bold letters … 51% OF ALL GROSS MARKETING COMMISSIONS GENERATED BY THIS SITE GO TO THE NONPROFIT LISTED ON THE FRONT OF THE CARD. Pass out these cards to friends and family at nonprofit events or services and/or mail them with a newsletter or nonprofit correspondence.
  • Possibly allow us to come and promote to your nonprofit organizations/groups
  • List your website/link in bulletins, newsletters, nonprofit website, etc.
    http://www.jacytv.com/______________(your domain address creates the link)
    For all of your online shopping and travel needs please use our online shopping mall and travel center link above. Remember 51% of all gross marketing commissions generated by this site go to our nonprofit.
  • Assign a marketing person to stay on top of promotion and work one on one with us and stay in contact
  • The Pastor or nonprofit director and staff use and support your website www.jacytv.comIMPORTANT
  • Monthly contact with our staff via telephone, email, fax, or text is imperative for the success of this program
  • Promote a project for your nonprofit that the members and their families will support by using your online shopping mall and travel center
  • Buy your cell phones, smart phones, phone service contracts & satellite service contracts from major carriers at your nonprofit online shopping mall and travel center – this brings in substantial income for your nonprofit organizations/groups

Attn: Existing Heartfelt Giving Users

Don’t Panic. You are at the right place for Heartfelt Giving. We are updating of technology in order to make the shopping experience better for the organizations and for the users of Heartfelt giving.

Users of the website will now have to sign up for an account. We are doing this in order to provide a better shopping experience and more security for our website.

We want to thank you for continuing to grow with us. Please continue to spread the word about Heartfelt Giving to all your friends and family. They will thank you for helping them save money, while doing good at the same time, by helping organizations raise money.


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