Sample Commissions

Some examples of a few stores/items purchased online and what your

website would receive in marketing commission dollars

Store/Item Marketing Commissions Dollars received

$50 for flowers from FTD florist $2.25
$1,000 refrigerator from Sears $16
$800 in tires from Wal-Mart $22
Smart Cell phone purchase $41
Renewal of T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T 2 yr. service $82
$240 for 24 Hour Fitness Clubs membership $10
$75 pair of sneakers from Footlocker/New Balance $1
$100 coffee supplies at Starbucks $2
$100 NBA game tickets at Ticket Network $3
$1,600 7-day cruise at Princess Cruise Lines $80
$2,000 Disney Vacation excluding air $102
$50 at Lane Bryant or Payless Shoes $1
$100 in makeup at Bloomingdales $2
$200 wine at $6
$100 computer/copy paper from Staples $1.50
$100 pet food at Pet Smart$1.50
$1,000 of lumber from Home Depot $15
$50 vitamins from Walgreens $1
$100 dress at Macy’s $2
$80 car battery at Auto Zone $3.40
$1,000 computer from the Apple Store $16

These are just a few examples of the millions of items you can purchase at your website to bring in revenue to your ministry.
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Remember 51% of all gross marketing commissions from your website goes to your nonprofit.

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